FAQ ...updated often!

  • What is ITR Expo?
    ITR Expo is short for Integra Type-R Expo. During 2016, ITRCA reincorporated as Type-R Club of America. In 2017, Type R Expo became the new name. In short, Expo is an annual event that mixes track days (HPDE), a banquet, and a chance for the community to meet.
    Type-R Expo is one of the largest Type-R community gatherings in North America and brings people from across the country as well as Canada and overseas.
  • Wait, now it's Type R Expo and not ITR Expo?
    Yes, we have allowed other Type R models over the years including Accord Euro R, DC5R, and the Civic Type R. With the new FK8 Civic Type R in the US Market along with various grey market R models, we wanted to keep the Type R family together.
  • Who can I contact about Expo?
    We have contact information HERE.
  • Do I have to own an Type R to attend this event?
    Expo is open to cars of all makes and models. However, the event is focused on Type R models from Honda/Acura.
  • Do I need to be a member of ITRCA/Type R Club of America to attend this event?
    An annual membership is built-in to the cost of your registration.
  • How do you register for the event?
    Go to: http://www.itrexpo.com/register.php
  • How do I pay for the event?
    Via paypal is best. Go to: www.itrexpo.com/payments.php
  • Where can I get a shirt from Expo? We put all leftover merchandise online after the event at itrca.bigcartel.com, but be advised that quantities and sizes are very limited!
  • Can I bring my significant other/family/friends to this event? Of course! Yes, this event is open to spectators. If a spectator would like to attend the banquet they will need to register and pay for a banquet ticket here via the guest link: http://www.itrexpo.com/register.php
  • What is the Expo Banquet?
    Each year Expo hosts a dinner for all attendees (driver and non-driver). The banquet includes catered food, raffle prizes, awards, as well as a good opportunity to mingle with the Expo community. The banquet is held on the first evening of the two-day event. All drivers are pre-registered for the event. Spectators can register and purchase a banquet ticket. All attendees must be registered for the event.
  • What mods are required to track my car?
    We suggest upgrading the vehicle's brake fluid to ATE or similar as well as the brake pads to an entry-level track pad. Contrary to popular consensus, it is best to track an otherwise stock vehicle.
  • What about lodging? Where does everyone stay? We have a lodging page that is updated with event options including hotel and camping options (if available). Go to: www.itrexpo.com/lodging.php for more info.
  • Will there be a photographer taking event photos?
    Each year there are a combination of photographers from various automotive magazines as well as local track-based photographers. Event photos can be purchased from these individuals but ITR Expo does not provide or facilitate photos for purchase.
  • What is the tech inspection form for and who should perform the inspection? The tech inspection form is a list of items to review and address prior to Expo. This list covers most areas of the car to help confirm the car is suitable for the track. This form can be completed by those who perform their own car work or by a qualified automotive dealer or repair shop.
  • What safety equipment is needed to track my car?
    Safety equipment varies for each vehicle but at a minimum: All car occupants must wear a Snell SA2010 or above approved closed-face helmet, closed-toed shoes (no sandals), long-sleeves, and long pants (no shorts). Go to: www.itrexpo.com/rules.php for more info.